“A flower blossoms for its own joy.”,

Oscar Wilde said yet I would disagree.

I believe flowers blossom for all of us.

To me flowers are a dream come true.
A dream named GEBOV Flowers Company.

I have been working with flowers for years and I know that every single one of them has its own character but combined, they create an incredible palette of beauty and emotion.
My experience as a florist in Bulgaria and abroad helps me bring to life even the boldest concepts.
Being a florist is such an artistic vocation where you also need to have a little bit of an architect within, a little bit of mathematician and even a bit of an engineer.

GEBOV Flowers motto is Growing to Inspire!
To inspire you with beauty is our mission!

Mariyan Gebov, owner and master florist

We can proudly say that GEBOV Flowers is the biggest flower shop in Sofia.

However, size doesn’t matter if the contents is missing. At our place you will find not only fresh flowers but a unique harmony of colour, shape and fragrance, designed and arranged in an inventive way to evoke beauty.

We offer a huge variety of cut flowers and floral products of the highest quality and outstanding elegance  – bouquets, flower boxes and arrangements that are simply amazing.

At our shop you can also find a great choice of luxury vases, flower pots and decorative elements for your home and office interior.

We offer elegant, stylish and luxury items, exclusively selected for your special occasions and exquisite taste.

We know well how to create the perfect decoration for your daily events and we know even better just what to offer you for you dream wedding or party.

We surely will come up with a unique flower decoration for your celebration but we will also offer a highly professional and quality service personally tailored to suit you.


Our mission is to create beauty and inspire by setting new standards of appreciation of flowers in an inventive and aesthetic manner.


We believe in beauty and we aim to create an environment of harmony and aesthetics, knowing that everyone longs for vibrant and beautiful surroundings.


We care for our customers’ experience and we always offer a high level of professionalism, integrity and a personal attitude. We pay attention to every detail and service.


We strive to present the latest floral trends and we incorporate them in our products. We invent our own design too, as we love to be unique.


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Owner and master florist

Mariyan Gebov

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Katya Gebova

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Sonia Grigorova

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Event manager

Vladimir Nikolov

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Brand & digital

Sylvia Tsvetanova