High class floral services for your home interior and exterior

Creating beauty is our purpose!

Our services set new standards in floral service.
We know how to craft an elegant and distinctive décor for your home.

We offer innovative solutions for every spot as we believe that „My home is my castle“.
Our extensive inventory of services enables you to enjoy beautiful flowers and greens in your interior and exterior.

Every day is a celebration as long as you are surrounded by beauty.


Do you fancy enjoying magnificent fresh flowers and floral decorations on a daily basis?

This is perfectly possible with our service that provides weekly seasonal flower arrangements for your home, and we will select and deliver bespoke vases and containers depending on the interior of your space.


Our team of experienced florists knows how to take care of your home and garden.

We will deliver the highest-quality flowers, plants, arrangements and decorations and take care of them on a regular basis. We will craft a beautiful floral environment for you to please and inspire you every day.


Our fresh and inventive vision is your guarantee for exceptional décor and perfect planning of your event.

We will suggest innovative floral design ideas, offer advice on the most suitable venue, the best catering service, the most fun DJ, and we will take care of the overall festive atmosphere of your festive event.


There are dozens of ways to show your love and affection but a flower, a rose in particular, is the most classic and the most sincere one.

We offer a unique and absolutely innovative service to take by surprise your most special person on a daily basis: for a selected period of time your loved one will get a beautiful rose every day delivered to their address.


In the hectic daily round we offer an exclusive service that saves time but also makes sure you show your respect for loved ones.

Their celebrations are on our calendar and we deliver flowers for their birthdays, name days, anniversaries and special occasions for you.

Professional, stylish and classy is what we are! Choose Gebov Flowers services!